Traveling Forward and Yet Regressing

Feeling Emotions that I've Been Repressing

This little girl breaks laws... ♦ let the ships burn... ♣ I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing... ♠ One of us is gonna die young... ♥ Just a little less alone...
Ai. noun

1. an insignificant noise

2. Teenager. Agender (pronouns are zie and hir), asexual (both are "for now" until I get old enough to stop saying that). Ickle, but getting less ickle as time goes on. Goes to boarding school. Is still in the process of growing up and figuring out who the hell zie is.

3. Knowledge-seeker. Writer. Roleplayer. Fanperson. Siblingthing to everyone. Occasionally a father. Believer in hope. Believer in good. Believer in freedom. Believer in people.

4. Strange morals. Insanely protective of things that are hirs. Peppy, even when depressed. Full of hope, as hard as zie tries to be a cynic. Occasionally filled with unexplained bursts of love. Often impossible to put up with.

Alias. Beyond the Rift. RENT. bare. Easter Rising. Homemade Fusion. Star Wars. Star Trek (primarily TNG but a little TOS). Stargate. Doctor Who. Torchwood. Feeling Electric. Next to Normal. Angel. Royal Pains. Burn Notice. Firefly. The Book Thief. Harry Potter.

Odds are, you know a fandom you think I'll like? I'll at least look into it. I get hooked ridiculously easily, and I mostly have low standards. Mostly. Just rememeber I'm kind of underage... warn me if I should watch a show alone, or if it's okay for my parents to be in the room.
Fanfic Journal: maze_of_brain
Original short fiction: keepingyousmall

I have a ridiculous number of characters, some of which I play over at beyondtherift. They're all posted at my character list.
My family



My family is love and I love them. They are mine and if you touch any of them I'll eat your face off. ...I'm a little possessive. And I have a LOT of families.

Mostly, this journal consists of me posting about my life. Growing up SUCKS guys, and it shows in a lot of introspective rambling, combined with the occasional whining. Also, I post a ridiculous amount about my game, and sometimes you get some fandom rambling.

SO! If that hasn't scared you away, friending on this journal is easy: friend me first and then leave a comment on my friends only post saying why you friended me (which SHOULD be up by the time I post this. SHOULD BE. IN THEORY.) Odds are, if we have enough things in common, I'll friend you back! And then you can follow my exceedingly boring life!
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