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+ is school EVER a negative? I mean, yes sometimes but. SCHOOL. MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I have an incredible schedule where I never have class before 1 pm and I only have one class a day, and I'm working on a bunch of lovely things and it just makes me so happy.

++All of my classes are with my advisor who. YOU GUYS HAVE I TALKED ABOUT MY ADVISOR BEFORE???? SHE'S PERFECT. I want to be her in the worst way. She's incredible and absurdly wonderful and brilliant and the best teacher THE LITERAL BEST TEACHER and I love her.

....is there ever anything in my life that isn't wonderful beside the daily annoying grind like the fact that I have a meeting tonight at 9:30 with people I don't care for? I don't think so. (It IS upsetting though, because I can't take off my pants until like 10 pm and that's absurd.)

I'm taking American Indian Religious Freedom, which is GREAT, and Social Justice Dialogue Facilitation which is gonna be intense but good I hope and I'm doing an independent study to prep for my honors project so I'm making up Transgender History as I go along and alkdjf;lajsdf;lsajdfksjad;lfkaj it's so gr12 I'm loving it.

...that's my life? those are my choices? I need to start figuring out my summer plans like asap. I need to have my advisor send the Kinsey Institute a notice that says I would like to please visit them, and I need to figure out how I'm doing my oral histories. which uh. speaking of which. if anyone on my feed is trans-identified and has pursued any aspect of medical transition (from therapy to hormones to surgery) or legal transition (changing name and/or sex on any govt. issued document) then uh I might want to interview/talk to you? if it's okay? eventually? idek guys

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