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you must choose your own path

GOD I AM BAD AT UPDATING although to be fair, I'm bad at updating on EVERY site, so

+ SCHOOL IS SO GREAT I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK and omg just my academic life is great and my friends are great and I'm learning and back with people who get me and it's so great. I'm taking Slavery in the Americas (which is with a new professor and is an... experience. I know how I would teach the class differently so that's a thing,) In Search of America (the American Studies course required for my minor, which is a party,) and an independent study where my academic braintwin and I are examining representations of the American Revolution in children's historical fiction. I'm also auditing German Society and Film and it's a party that makes me happy and we're talking about gender this week and watching Hirschfeld's Different From the Others and

- I miss studying gay things so fucking much. it hurts me sometimes, especially because we're brushing against it in German and just. ffff. it's such an important part of me. I was explaining some queer history stuff to Todd, my German professor, and finally at the end he looked at me and was like "...this is kinda your baby, isn't it?" and yes, it's my baby, because it's my history and it's so important to me.

+ I am, however, embarking on a new venture I'm calling Queercentrism 2015, where every piece of media I consume, I view through a queercentric lens. Legit, I sit back after a movie (and I'm watching a lot of movies this term) and just say "How can we queer this?" It makes things a little better.

- it's housing application time for theme houses and this process is ALWAYS INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL because I feel like I have to defend the house's existence and my existence in it and I hate it I hate it I hate it

- I've had this headache two nights in a row now and it's so annoying

+ I submitted a paper I wrote to a journal? so that's a thing? we'll see

I think that's pretty much everything.

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