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oh yeah so nearly a week ago, I saw Murder by Death in concert for the first time.

So we got there like a half-hour early because I REALLY REALLY REALLY had to pee and didn't want to wait. So we stood around in the venue for the rest of the half-hour and just talked. I went with my little brother and my buddy Dbears who I converted to MbD while we were reading Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men in AP English together.

The opening bands were okay. We sort of fell in love with Haha Tonka, mostly because they had this adorable song about an oscillating fan (and I love oscillating as a word, so, you know, that's always a bonus.) We were not huge fans of the second opening band, to the point where we all collectively decided to forget their name all together. I was very jealous of their electric guitarist's hair, though.

We had started out like four people back and to the left of the stage, and by the time MbD came onstage we were like five people back and dead center. They opened with The Devil in Mexico, which made me really happy--out of the three of us, I was the only one who had really listened to their music. My brother had heard all of Like the Exorcist But More Breakdancing in the car on the drive over, and Dbears had heard like five or six songs I had linked him to? But yeah, I couldn't tell you their entire setlist, though I did try to keep a mental tally going. The crowd was pretty good, just this one guy kept trying to swing dance when we were all in this tiny space and kept bashing into people and yeah he was annoying.

Songs I remember (in no particular order, in fact primarily by album bc I don't remember the order):
- The Devil in Mexico
- A Caucus Race
- I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
- Until Moral Improves, the Beatings Will Continue
- That Crown Don't Make You a Prince
- Brother
- Dynamite Mine (which had this great thermite thing going on and was really awesome and cool for a song that I actually generally skip when I'm listening)
- Comin' Home
- '52 Ford
- You Don't Miss Twice (When You're Shaving With a Knife)
- No Oath No Spell (off the new album)
- Hard World (off the new album, and REALLY effing pretty)
- I Came Around (off the new album and really really fun and I'm super excited)
- Fuego! (which was the first MbD song I'd ever heard, so that was kind of special)
- Intergalactic Menopause (which miiight be my favorite MbD song and one I didn't think I would get to hear live, so that was really exciting)
- Spring Break 1899 (which was the song I listened to while I was writing the email to RPB in which I came out and so is special to me (helpful lyrics for that night = "I've been down and out/I've been spinning for so long/I stored my shame in my belly 'til I needed to be strong"))
- Those Who Left/Those Who Stayed (they ended with it and my GOD it was brilliant seeing that live)
- encore: The Desert is on Fire (which was fun)
- encore: The Devil Drives (which was also fun, everyone singing along together and just. Yep.)

And so, um. Basically I'm totally addicted now. After the show we barged over to the merch table so I could buy Good Morning, Magpie because it's the only album I don't have. When we finally got up there, and I asked if they still had copies, the guy was like "yep" and I was like "oh good, I need something to bother my mom with on the drive home tonight" and he looked at me funny and was like "that's not something I hear every day" by which I think he meant the bit about Mom driving. because. YEP I'M 18 YEARS OLD (which seemed to be below the median age--everyone was like mid to late twenties or early thirties) AND I STILL CAN'T DRIVE. And then we escaped because I felt bad about trying to talk to them, there was a whole group around them and I was also nervous because there was this posted thing about how after concerts, minors have to vacate the premises asap because it's past curfew, and while I'm not a minor any more 1) I look like one, and 2) my brother was with us and is still technically a minor, and I DID NOT WANT ANY TROUBLE, OKAY.

But yes. Seeing them live has convinced me I need to see them again and again and again if I can, because the show was FABULOUS and I just cannot. Also after the show I decided I need to give them ALL MY MONEY so I'm pledging $250 from my paycheck this week to their kickstarter (yes this is just so I can get the book club books sent to me for a whole year. Hush. I like reading, okay????) So after we deposit all my money on Friday, we're transferring some of it over to my mom's account so she can use the magic card. (Which means I should probably shoot them an email being like "uh hey guys I'm 18 and don't have my own credit card yet so I had my mom use her credit card but it's my money and I want the books to come to ME, not her, thank you?")

In other news, I AM TAKING A VACATION NEXT WEEK. We're going to Chicago so my brother can take an aptitude and interests test, and my mom and I are going to do ALL THE FREE THINGS. Are any of you going to be in the area? WE DO MEET-UPS. MY MOM NO LONGER HAS QUALMS ABOUT PEOPLE WE'VE NEVER MET HANGING OUT WITH US. She won't even freak out that you're going to take me to a bar in the middle of the afternoon on a week day! I'll be there probably Sunday through Wednesday. HIT ME UP, YO.

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