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+ is school EVER a negative? I mean, yes sometimes but. SCHOOL. MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I have an incredible schedule where I never have class before 1 pm and I only have one class a day, and I'm working on a bunch of lovely things and it just makes me so happy.

++All of my classes are with my advisor who. YOU GUYS HAVE I TALKED ABOUT MY ADVISOR BEFORE???? SHE'S PERFECT. I want to be her in the worst way. She's incredible and absurdly wonderful and brilliant and the best teacher THE LITERAL BEST TEACHER and I love her.

....is there ever anything in my life that isn't wonderful beside the daily annoying grind like the fact that I have a meeting tonight at 9:30 with people I don't care for? I don't think so. (It IS upsetting though, because I can't take off my pants until like 10 pm and that's absurd.)

I'm taking American Indian Religious Freedom, which is GREAT, and Social Justice Dialogue Facilitation which is gonna be intense but good I hope and I'm doing an independent study to prep for my honors project so I'm making up Transgender History as I go along and alkdjf;lajsdf;lsajdfksjad;lfkaj it's so gr12 I'm loving it.

...that's my life? those are my choices? I need to start figuring out my summer plans like asap. I need to have my advisor send the Kinsey Institute a notice that says I would like to please visit them, and I need to figure out how I'm doing my oral histories. which uh. speaking of which. if anyone on my feed is trans-identified and has pursued any aspect of medical transition (from therapy to hormones to surgery) or legal transition (changing name and/or sex on any govt. issued document) then uh I might want to interview/talk to you? if it's okay? eventually? idek guys

you must choose your own path

GOD I AM BAD AT UPDATING although to be fair, I'm bad at updating on EVERY site, so

+ SCHOOL IS SO GREAT I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK and omg just my academic life is great and my friends are great and I'm learning and back with people who get me and it's so great. I'm taking Slavery in the Americas (which is with a new professor and is an... experience. I know how I would teach the class differently so that's a thing,) In Search of America (the American Studies course required for my minor, which is a party,) and an independent study where my academic braintwin and I are examining representations of the American Revolution in children's historical fiction. I'm also auditing German Society and Film and it's a party that makes me happy and we're talking about gender this week and watching Hirschfeld's Different From the Others and

- I miss studying gay things so fucking much. it hurts me sometimes, especially because we're brushing against it in German and just. ffff. it's such an important part of me. I was explaining some queer history stuff to Todd, my German professor, and finally at the end he looked at me and was like "...this is kinda your baby, isn't it?" and yes, it's my baby, because it's my history and it's so important to me.

+ I am, however, embarking on a new venture I'm calling Queercentrism 2015, where every piece of media I consume, I view through a queercentric lens. Legit, I sit back after a movie (and I'm watching a lot of movies this term) and just say "How can we queer this?" It makes things a little better.

- it's housing application time for theme houses and this process is ALWAYS INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL because I feel like I have to defend the house's existence and my existence in it and I hate it I hate it I hate it

- I've had this headache two nights in a row now and it's so annoying

+ I submitted a paper I wrote to a journal? so that's a thing? we'll see

I think that's pretty much everything.

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- when he was an older man, Thomas Jefferson was out walking with a younger woman whom he happened to admire. Wanting to impress her, he tried to leap over a fence but instead fell and severely injured his hand, requiring months to fully heal

- Harry S Truman nearly choked to death on a peach pit when he was three years old. His mother saved him by forcing the pit down his throat with her hands

- both of William Taft's parents had hoped he had been born a girl

- Andrew Jackson had a habit of slobbering well into his teens

- Ulysses S Grant remained nameless for a month after his birth until his parents settled on his legal name: Hiram Ulysses Grant (HUG)

- Benjamin Harrison had his named misspelled on the program for his commencent- at which he was the main speaker

AND SO MANY MORE. If you comment with your favorite president, I will give you a fact/short story about them AND I WILL TRY NOT TO MAKE IT ONE OF THE OBVIOUS STORIES like 'Washington didn't have wooden teeth' (actually his teeth were made of animal bones and/or the teeth of slaves, and he had one tooth in his head that was his but we don't know where in his mouth it was) I will aim for the more obscure so you can be a presidential hipster or something.

oh yeah so nearly a week ago, I saw Murder by Death in concert for the first time.

Cut because SO MUCH FLAILINGCollapse )

In other news, I AM TAKING A VACATION NEXT WEEK. We're going to Chicago so my brother can take an aptitude and interests test, and my mom and I are going to do ALL THE FREE THINGS. Are any of you going to be in the area? WE DO MEET-UPS. MY MOM NO LONGER HAS QUALMS ABOUT PEOPLE WE'VE NEVER MET HANGING OUT WITH US. She won't even freak out that you're going to take me to a bar in the middle of the afternoon on a week day! I'll be there probably Sunday through Wednesday. HIT ME UP, YO.
In honor of this most wonderful of holidays celebrating dead white guys, I'm going to tell some facts (because it's the only day where it's socially acceptable to do so. ....Although that never stops me the other 364 days, so...) HERE WE GO:

Teddy Roosevelt hated vulgar jokes and he would walk away in the middle of a story if he thought it was going to get dirty.

Calvin Coolidge liked to wear underwear that was too big for him.

James Buchanan had one eye that was nearsighted and another that was farsighted—he would close one eye and tilt his head depending on what he was looking at.

Benjamin Harrison had his name misspelled on the program for his commencement, where he was giving the main address.

Taft’s parents had hoped he was a girl.

John Adams loved Shakespeare so much that when he went to Shakespeare’s house, he carved a sliver out of the wood form a chair.

George Washington died while taking his own pulse.

JFK lost his virginity at age 17 (which is a bit late if you think about his reputation) in a Harlem brothel.

Abraham Lincoln was so good at reading/reciting Shakespeare, people swore he’d missed his calling and ought to have been an actor.

I hope y'all have the most AMAZING Presidents Day EVER. I'm going to carry my giant cardboard cutout of Lincoln all day tomorrow, so that's exciting. MAYBE I'LL DANCE WITH HIM AT DINNER AND DANCING.

Character Meme!

SUP, Y'ALL. I'm. Very bad at activity in the world recently. So we're going to attempt to resolve that by doing a CHARACTER CPR MEME.

Everyone put on their 'Another One Bites the Dust' and follow these rules:

1) Click on this link. It will take you to my CHARACTER LIST. Are you impressed with it? Are there any good usernames? Any appealing PBs? CLICK AROUND FOR A WHILE.

2) DON'T CLICK AROUND FOREVER. Find one or two or a thousand (idk where you'd find that many, but GO AHEAD AND FIND THEM FOR ME!).

3) Think about your own characters. Would any of them want to ask one of mine a question? Would they meet in a random actionspam scenario? WOULD THEY FIGHT? I love fighting. COME BACK TO THIS POST. Post a comment with your character and a question or a scenario for one of mine.


(You should always have someone call the hospital when you're using CPR, just so you know. You don't have to call the hospital for this meme, but someone else should always call for an ambulance while you perform the actual procedure. This from Ai's PSAs. kthx)
I. Hate. The world.

I shouldn't, either. Things have been going BRILLIANTLY. Well. Not brilliantly. It's been a rough week, but it's tech week so that's expected.

But then the Max, my co-president in GSA who is also gay had a story to tell me today. I guess apparently today in the boys' locker room (which is like the hub of all homophobic comments, I guess, I've never been in there), there were some boys explaining my trans* identity to another boy. According to Max, they were saying something akin to the following "I mean. She just decided to be trans one day. And so like... she's not human. And since she's not human, she's not protected by the Constitution!" Max felt horrible and because of that, shot really poorly in his rifle team match today, so I'm having him write an email to his coaches (one of whom is my former US teacher) explaining about language in the locker room and how it's affecting his performance and shit. Y'know. If they don't do anything, we'll just have to wait until I get physically attacked by kids who don't think I'm human. :| (I'm bitter right now. Sorry.)

So whatever. I've been called an it before. I can handle it. What sent me into a huge rage tonight is the fact that a picture of this week's GSA poster was posted on Facebook. We talked about blood donation rules for the MSM community, and has a comic on the poster. A former faculty member who is incredibly unaccepting commented on the poster, and eleven people liked the comment. Including a student leader. I just. I feel worthless. I've considered killing myself and politicizing my own death. Because apparently that's the only way shit gets done anymore.

As I said on plurk, I won't kill myself over this or any other thing of this nature, and for two reasons. The first is that I refuse to become another fucking statistic in the book. Killing myself fits neatly into that narrative, and I refuse to follow it. Just... no. I won't let it happen. The other reason is if I wasn't alive to be the target for this kind of stuff, other kids who maybe can't handle it would be the target. And I can't let that happen. When I decided to come out, I had to consider the possibility--no, the probability that stuff like this would happen, and I still came out. And I don't regret coming out. And I refuse to regret it, because I did the right thing.

Just. Holy fuck, they make it hard to stay alive. Apparently it gets better, but fuck me if I'm going to wait that long.

And force from the world a patient smile

Dear internet: I need help.

So I am co-president of my school's GSA, yes? And we run a blog, so people who can't come to meetings can still see what we talked about at meetings (okay so in reality the blog just started this summer, but that's its intent). I am primarily in charge of the blog, because I am the information monarch of the club. We've made a couple of posts this summer, about Pride Month and Stonewall and stuff.

We got our first comments... yesterday? Two days ago? I can't even really remember. But they said the following:
cut for hate speechCollapse )

Now, the other leader of the club and I aren't SURPRISED we've received these comments. We sort of expected it. We didn't allow them to be posted, we created a document for such comments/incidents and recorded it and we disabled anonymous commenting on the blog. But now we're stuck at this weird impasse of what to do next.

Do we not make any comment about it? Do we do a blog post explaining the outline of what happened? We're trying to be careful here, but just discussing between the two of us, it feels like we're doomed if we do and doomed if we don't. If we talk about it on the blog, it's just fuel for them to say we're shoving our views down their throats--and it will also come out that we deleted them, and they'll say we're "cutting into their First Amendment rights". If we don't say anything, no visibility happens and they think we're just going to lie down and take it.

Basically, we need advice. What should we do? We've gone over our options so many times nothing sounds right and you all out there are intelligent, level-headed people. Please help us?

Thank you in advance. <3


'Cause it's been like an entire year since I last did one of these, and I told Ella I would re-post this 'cause it's the best set of rules I've ever come up with (which is probably a little sad, but w/e I do not care).


Wait for Godot. While you are waiting, instead of contemplating your existence, click on dis link. Do you know where it will take you? A magical list where all of my truly fascinating characters are.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Rejoice that you can read and therefore have made it past rule number one. Alternately, rejoice that you are a clicker of links. It is good. While you are rejoicing, poke your nosy butt around a little. Not literally. That would be. I don't even want to think about it. ANYWHO. Take a peek at my characters. Do some more reading/link clicking. They are interesting, yeah? I am very protective of them. DON'T TOUCH. Okay, you can touch with two fingers. GENTLY. On the arm.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Pick some of your favorite characters of mine. Alternately, pick some random ones. Ones with nice journal names, or pretty PBs. Yeah, I know how people pick characters for these sorts of things. You don't have to fool me.

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Is Godot back yet? Probably not. But you should come back to this page to check. Guess what? He's not. While you're moaning about how fucking late Godot is every goddamn time, you can comment below with a specific character. You should also have a prompt of some kind--a quote, a song lyric, one of those picture things that Ella likes so much (and is so good at finding).

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Face facts that Godot is probably never fucking coming, for srs. Cry a little bit about this, then click away and forget that you ever came here to wait for Godot. Only remember this when I comment on your comment, probably with a character's journal, with a response to the prompt you left me. Rejoice that SOMEONE finally came through for you, even if they weren't Godot.

RULE NUMBER SIX: There is no rule number six. It is a figment of your imagination--or is it? Do you even exist? DO YOU? DO YOU????

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